Posting Guidelines

Please follow these rules when posting to ensure that a standard format is used for the Notes on Money site.

Create a new Post

  1. Title the post with the message written on the bill
  2. Click on the 1st icon (Add an Image) to the right of Upload/Insert
  3. Browse your computer for the image of the bill you want to upload
  4. Image specifications:
    • The optimal image size is 500px wide. But it can be smaller
    • The file should be either a gif, jpg or png less than or equal to 50K
  5. Give the image title and caption the same text you entered as the title for the post
  6. If you have a funny story about the bill, type it below the image
  7. Find your category which will be on the right side ($1 Bill, $5 Bill, etc), check the box and publish

One Response to “Posting Guidelines”

  1. superrefman says:

    stunning forum, i wish i found it earlier…